Inspire to Learn Training Commitment

Our consultants and trainers have an excellent reputation for their in-depth expertise, knowledge and skills in the area of childcare.  We provide vibrant and interactive training courses receiving excellent feedback from our delegates:

“Great course presenter, so knowledgeable and encouraging active learning. Thank you.”                 CP – Safeguarding Level 2, June 2023

“The trainer always presents in such a way that allows you to listen and captures your attention. She is very knowledgeable and includes the whole group to allow them to learn from each other.”             NW –  Safeguarding Level 1, June 2023

“The trainer shows lots of confidence and knows her stuff which shows in her presentations and training”                                                                                                                                         LB – Amazing Babies & Toddlers, February 2023

“This training was very effective and has helped me to develop my knowledge in certain areas I did not know before.”                                                                                                                                  VT – Managing Children’s Behaviour, July 2022

“Mandy geared our in-house training perfectly to our settings needs and really brought the training to life!”                                                                                                                                               LQ – Curiosity Approach, July 2022

“The training was very effective and helped me to have better knowledge and understanding. The trainer made it great, sharing her passion and experience”.                                                                                                                                  DA – Safeguarding Level 1, June 2022

“Information provided was effective and the way it was delivered was engaging and interesting.”                                                                                                                                                                               JW – Safeguarding Level 2, June 2022

“I always find Mandy’s training up to date and therefore enhances my knowledge.”                             GS – Safeguarding Level 2, May 2022

“Very effective, the trainer is brilliant!”                                                                          Safeguarding Level 2, May 2022

“Training was excellent, informative and very thorough – highly recommended!”                     Safeguarding Level 2, March 2022

“I attended the Understanding Autism Training via Zoom its was very well organised and full of information to take in and learn, Mandy is a great trainer she has lots of knowledge that she loves to share. I would highly recommend doing any training with Inspire to Learn, I alwasy do my face to face safeguarding level 2 with Mandy and I always learn something new every time Thank You Mandy”                                                                                                                                        LL – Understanding Autism, March 2022

I’ve been taking safeguarding training for many years and different courses have different amounts of information and interest. Taking a course with Mandy got the balance just right.  The information was relevant and necessary, and the language used was appropriate. These are sensitive and thought-provoking, as well as being informative. As a deputy Manager of a nursery, I also have to send colleagues on Safeguarding training, I know that they will get the most in-depth training with Mandy, and I don’t have to worry about any topics not getting covered. Although the topic is not pleasant a pleasant one. Each topic is dealt with, with respect. Mandy knows an awful lot about this topic and is very passionate about making sure everybody leaves having learnt from her and her experiences.  I highly recommend Mandy Monk and would not go or send colleagues anywhere else.                                                                                                                                                JC – Level 1 and 2 Safeguarding, February 2022

“Very informative and explained things differently to how I have previously been trained in this area”                                                                                                                                                                           RA – Safeguarding Level 1, September 2021

“The training was very effective – updating my knowledge and understanding. I learnt about quite a lot of new changes and ideas that I will implement in my practice as well as learning about new ways of identifying safeguarding issues.                                                                                                    GB – Safeguarding Level 1, September 2021

“Glen was excellent, loved hearing her personal experiences and including everyone.”
AB– Level 2 Safeguarding, May 2019

“I have been on many safeguarding courses and can honestly say that this is the best one I have been on.  Thank you.”
LO’B– Level 2 Safeguarding, February 2019

“The training was packed full of up to date information, ideas and research. Has inspired my practice and I now feel confident to develop relationships with parents further. I would highly recommend booking on, not to tick a box but to reach your full potential as an early years practitioner.”
KC– Amazing Unique Babies & Young Toddlers, February 2019

“Glen was friendly, informative and engaging. Made the course enjoyable.”
JH – Understanding Autism, February 2019

“Really enjoyed the course tonight, learnt things that I didn’t know already and will feedback to my staff members at work.”
AR – Level 1 Safeguarding, January 2019

“Thank you – really good training with good strategies to support children and staff.”
LC – Understanding & Managing Children’s Behaviour, January 2019

“Sharon was brilliant, very knowledgeable.”
NHH – Level 1 Safeguarding, December 2018

“Brilliant course – really enjoyed it.  Felt like I learnt a lot from a lovely lady that made us feel very comfortable.”
SM – Understanding Autism, November 2018

“Fantastic trainer with professional knowledge & enjoyed personal aspects.”
SE– The Crucial Years of the Developing Brain, November 2018

“Very informative, lots of knowledge gained from a fab trainer!.”
LW– Amazing Unique Babies & Young Toddlers, October 2018

“Glen was very engaging & very informative – excellent trainer.”
SG– Level 1 Safeguarding, October 2018

“Very good.  Really made me feel more confident in role.”
SK – Understanding & Managing Children’s Behaviour Training, October 2018

“Thoroughly enjoyed it, what an eye opener.  Glen was fantastic, funny and friendly”

AP – Understanding Autism, October 2018

“Hi Mandy

I just wanted to thank you for the course over the past 2 weeks.

I felt it was the most content filled & informative safeguarding course id ever attended. Your passion for what you do resonated through the delivery of information.

I’ll be recommending your company and booking on for future courses

Thanks for all the info”

LH – Level 2 Safeguarding, October 2018

“The best Safeguarding Course I have attended – the most informative.”
KG– Level 1 Safeguarding, January 2018

“Thanks for an excellent & informative course.”
SM– Level 2 Safeguarding, January 2018

“Fantastic course – well presented as usual easy to follow and many resources which can be put into practice.”
JS– Level 2 Safeguarding, December 2017

Could I please say how fantastic the training was which Mandy Monk did for us on Saturday. It was the Level 2 Safeguarding.
The hand-outs were very informative and I felt the whole package of delivery was very professional. I actually booked your company as I had previously attended the ‘Designated person’ training with yourself and felt the training was of a high standard. The best safeguarding training I have attended in 25 years. I would not hesitate to book your company again. The trainer had ‘real’ knowledge of case studies and also spoke about up to date policies needed.
The girls we had joining us from our Anfield branch went back and told their manager how good the training was.
DW – Level 2 Safeguarding, November 2017 

“Thank you Cheryl – you were brilliant.  I really enjoyed it.”
LB– Level 2 Safeguarding, May 2017

“One of the best courses I’ve been to.  Got lots of information for my setting to share.”
WS– Level 2 Safeguarding, March 2017

“Course excellent.  Tutor (Glen) delivered the course very well.  One of the best Safeguarding courses.”
WM– Level 1 Safeguarding, March 2017

“Enjoyed the session.  Gave me a greater insight into why children may behave and react the way they do to express emotions.  Some good strategies explained.”
CB– Understanding & Managing Children’s Behaviour Training, March 2017

“Feel much more confident in this area and made to feel even if I’m not sure there is support.”
SD– L2 Safeguarding, February 2017

“Brilliant trainer.  If you didn’t understand anything she’d thoroughly explain until you’d understand”
BH– Level 1 Safeguarding, February 2017

“Fantastic Knowledge and delivery. Thank you very much.”
TH– Autism Training, January 2017

“I found the course very useful and informative.  The trainer was very open and eager to help”
AP– L2 Safeguarding, January 2017

“A good course with plenty of suggestions, in a tone that was easy to listen too, and very helpful.”
JY– Understanding & Managing Children’s Behaviour Training, January 2017

“The training is always fantastic with Mandy.  She is really inspirational and very passionate.  A big thank you for the super knowledgeable training, ideas and information.  We are looking forward to the next training.”
ET – School Readiness Training, January 2017

“The most thorough Level 2 training I have attended”
DC– L2 Safeguarding, December 2016

“Very nice to see someone who is passionate about safeguarding deliver the course.  Many in the past have felt robotic.  This has been a refreshing change.”
DF– L2 Safeguarding, December 2016

“Thanks for an excellent, stimulating morning.  I can’t wait to take lots of ‘recyclables’ into my placement to use with my child with special needs and his classmates”
Endless Play Possibilities 2016

“Glen is an asset and I’d happily do more courses with her”
JP– Level 1 Safeguarding, October 2016

“Glen is very knowledgeable and is good at delivering this in an interesting and useful way.”
LH– Autism Training, September 2016

“You were fab! Would love to do more courses with you”
NH– Understanding & Managing Children’s Behaviour Training, September 2016

“Mandy was very good at presenting a sensitive subject. 5 stars”
LS – Level 1 Safeguarding, September 2016

“Thanks Glen!! Feeling empowered to help the children.”
MT – Autism Training, July 2016

“Excellent value for money & local to my area”
LB– Prevent & Implementing British Values, June 2016

“Thanks Mandy – another great delivery of a difficult and sensitive subject that needs to be implemented in practice. 5*”
RG– Level 1 Safeguarding, June 2016

“Interesting and excellent delivery”
AP– Level 1 Safeguarding, June 2016

“Cheryl was fantastic, honestly one of the best trainers I’ve seen. Very confident & knowledgeable about the topic”
KC – Level 2 Safeguarding, May 2016

“Excellent, well presented course, broken down into easy bit size pieces which can be easily facilitated within the setting”
JS – Prevent & Implementing British Values, May 2016

“Glen was amazing”
ZB – Autism Training, May 2016

“Mandy was a friendly & relaxed trainer with sound knowledge – used good examples to explain. Thanks”
KH – Level 1 Safeguarding, May 2016

“Really enjoyed this course”
TL – Level 1 Safeguarding, May 2016

“Many thanks for being so passionate about what you do!!”
BS – School Readiness Training, April 2016

“Really good course.  Thank you.”
KD – Understanding & Managing Children’s Behaviour Training, April 2016

“Have really enjoyed the course and the knowledge I can now use in our setting.”
MJ – Level 2 Safeguarding, March 2016

“I have just completed my safeguarding level 2 10/17 March at Preston.I would just like to say how well Cheryl Valentine delivered the course I felt really well informed couldn’t have asked for a nicer lady to deliver such a delicate in depth course. I would highly recommend Thank you Cheryl.”
DM – Level 2 Safeguarding, March 2016

“Well presented and interesting. Cheryl was very well informed and experienced.”
NB – Level 2 Safeguarding, March 2016

“Glen was very knowledgeable and could answer all questions. She was fab. 5*”
HT – Level 1 Safeguarding, March 2016

“This is a useful and informative course which has made me consider my practice with children with ASD’s.”
VB – Autism Training, March 2016

“Fantastic course. Thoroughly enjoyed it. My favourite training is when I am kept engaged.”
LM – Autism Training, March 2016

“Very effective training – interesting & well presented.  Did not lose interest – lots of informative & useful info.”
JS – Understanding & Managing Children’s Behaviour Training, February 2016

“Cheryl made the course interesting and presented the information in an easy to understand way.”
JK – Level 2 Safeguarding, February 2016

“Inspiring and informative trainer, doing a great job helping children who need it.”
RG – Level 2 Safeguarding, February 2016

“Fantastic Tutor, very helpful course.”
GI – Autism Training, February 2016

“Would definitely attend further courses led by Mandy. Would highly recommend.”
KH – L2 Safeguarding, January 2016

“Brilliant trainer and very knowledgeable …. Inspiring.”
DW – Autism Training, November 2015

“Very enjoyable and lots of information.  A fun and enjoyable training session.”
CM – Autism Training, November 2015

“Has been the most informative training on behaviour in the 28 years in childcare – thanks Mandy”
SH – Understanding & Managing Children’s Behaviour Training, October 2015

“Very good – excellent.  Mandy is lovely”
SH – L1 Safeguarding, October 2015

“An enjoyable, informative and interesting course and trainer!”
MV – Autism Training, October 2015

“Brilliant course, very interesting”
JS – Autism Training, October 2015

“Great Training”
KA – CAF Training, October 2015

“Thank you.  The best clear course I have completed for Level 2.  Interesting, informative and a very good tutor”
TH – L2 Safeguarding, October 2015

“A very passionate trainer!  Clearly passionate about her job and keeping children safe!”
JA – L2 Safeguarding, September 2015

 “Very informative course, Mandy was very knowledgeable and answered everyone’s questions”
AH – L1 Safeguarding, September 2015

 “A positive Level 1 session with excellent information provided to improve my knowledge and skills”
EG – L1 Safeguarding, September 2015

 “Lots of information and lovely lady to teach us!”
BR – L1 Safeguarding, September 2015

 “Mandy is a very capable professional trainer who puts information across well”
CS – L2 Safeguarding, September 2015

“The most informative course I have been on in 12 years of childminding”
RH – Level 2 Safeguarding, September 2015

 “Very informative.  Very relaxed, providing lots of very relative information.  Definitely came away knowing more”
WB – Level 2 Safeguarding, September 2015

 “Fantastic course.  Really informative and enjoyable”
JR – L1 Safeguarding, July 2015


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